Form 990 Webinars

Eve’s two flagship live/taped Form 990 courses (of 16 CPE credits) that had been available under licensure to AICPA through 2019 – 2020 were reconfigured to 14 webinars (totaling 33 CPE credits) in 2020 and have been further refined and polished for the 2021-2022 CPE season! All are available on a monthly broadcast schedule – the first ten comprise a “990 Foundational Series” that comprehensively address all key Form 990 preparation demands. The Foundational sessions will elevate novices through early-intermediate practitioners to true “990 ninja” status. The additional four webinars are “Master Classes”, covering the complexities that arise in reporting compensation and in three Schedules-specific arenas: public support testing, finding related organizations, and reporting “insider transactions”.

The table below provides cursory information on each of the webinars, and full course descriptions are included in the package available here: Borenstein 2021 990 Webinars.

Broadcast dates for each upcoming webinar are available at: Please note that the webinars’ NASBA provider, CPA Crossings, partners with many State CPA societies; thus, if you wish to utilize a Society’s partner-discount and/or CPE-reporting you should register using the Society’s code. For all others, please note the link above brings up the courses with my partner code already in place and a discounted rate will thus be presented at checkout using that code.

Borenstein's Form 990 Webinars for 2021-2022 CPE Year
available through CPA Crossings (
Course Code Level Credits Credits Eve refers to webinar as: 2021 changes from 2020's CPE version
The "990 Foundational Series (including Intro)" follows...
Note that the ORDER of these sessions is synchronized to the preparation sequencing called for in the 990 instructions
Understanding the Form 990 and Its Preparation Prerequisites EB9FD002 Overview 2.0 990INTRO BOTH sessions were updated for 2021 CPE year & have a mid-session break
Finding & Reporting Filers’ Related Organizations EB9FD1 02 Basic→Inter. 2.0 990FDN_1
Reporting Managers & Their Compensation: Form 990 Part VII-A EB9FD225 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_2 These eight sessions have expanded by 26 more presentation minutes for the 2021 CPE year (to afford a more relaxed pace and an additional .5 CPE credits) with improved content overall. They also have a mid-session break.
Transactions with Interested Persons: Form 990 Schedule L EB9FD325 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_3
Reporting Fundraising Results: Form 990 Part VIII (& Sch. M) EB9FD425 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_4
Financial Statements Display: Form 990 Parts VIII, IX, X & XI EB9FD525 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_5
Program Services & Governance: Form 990 Parts III & VI EB9FD625 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_6
Understanding the "Most Common" Form 990 Schedules: A, B & C EB9FD725 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_7
Intro to Remaining "Most Common" Form 990 Schedules: D & G EB9FD825 Basic→Inter. 2.5 990FDN_8
Form 990 Parts V (Other Tax Issues) & I (Summary Financials) EB9FD915 Basic→Inter. 1.5 990FDN_9
The four "Master Classes" follow...
Public Charity Qualification Under the Public Support Tests EB9PST25 Inter.→Adv. 2.5 990_PSTs These sessions have been expanded and improved as described for Foundational Series' sessions 3-9
Complex Manager Comp Scenarios: Core Form VII-A & Schedule J EB9MGR25 Inter.→Adv. 2.5 990MGR$
“Insider” Dealings and Sunshine: Schedule L’s Parts II-IV EB9SCL25 Inter.→Adv. 2.5 990SCH_L
Handling Complex Related Org Issues: Schedule R’s Parts II-V  EB9SCR25 Inter.→Adv. 2.5 990SCH_R NEW COURSE!
Registrants using a CPA Crossings' Partner Code get a discount! IF you need a code, use mine (Eve Rose Borenstein, LLC): erb Total CPE Credits Available 33

Upcoming Presentations

MNCPA Not-for-Profit Conference
October 19, 2021 — Online

Further information is available at:

Eve’s Two Sessions:
2:10 - 3:25 pm (Central) Law of Unintended Consequences: What Folks Look for When They Read Your 990
3:40 - 4:30 pm (Central) UBIT "Silo" Rules: The Now Known Mechanics


The TEGE Exempt Organizations Council (the “EO Council”) promotes open and ongoing lines of communications between the practitioner community AND the IRS’ TEGE Operating Division’s Exempt Organizations (EO) leaders as well as with IRS Chief Counsel (EEE) and Treasury Department’s officials. Membership is free and is open to attorneys, CPAs, paralegals, and others advising the nonprofit sector. The longstanding chief mode by which information exchange occurs are the EO Council’s thrice/year “Exempt Organizations Update” sessions. These session rely in large part, on queries submitted by members. 2021 will see other platforms ushered in by which members can share information and tips as to current challenges in the sector’s intersection with the IRS.

PLEASE join the EO Council and put the next EO Update on your calendar – November 19, 2021!

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